BUDS Gardeners

2020 Plant List

Our garden plants are never treated or fertilized with chemicals. They are never root bound!

Each plant is in a biodegradable newspaper pot designed for maximum root growth and to keep plastic out of your garden.  They are handfolded by members.

All plants are raised by a BUDS member, or in 2020, also Master Gardeners.

Amounts are limited and we will begin selling early this year since there will not be a sale at a specific location or on a specific date. Fill out the order form and return it to cshenkle@verizon.net.  Separate delivery will be arranged at a DuBois parking lot by appointment. Cash or checks (made out to BUDS Gardeners) will be dropped into a waiting box.

All funds will be divided between the BUDS Gardeners and the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Jefferson County who raised plants, but are not permitted to have a plant sale this year. All funds are used to provide educational services to the public and to support commuity projects such as the Street Pots in DuBois.  The Master Gardeners also have built and maintain the Outdoor Education Center and Demonstration Gardens at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds near Brookville.

An order should be at least 25 plants to make it worth our trip.  These groups are all volunteers who provide and pay for the plants and all services needed to get them to the gardener.  They are ready now to deliver to a location near you!

There will be a Penn State Extension Master Gardener Garden Hotline service available to all who purchase plants.  It is always free and we encourage you to call with all of your questions!  Call 938-7361, Ext 508 and leave a message.  Information will be returned via e-mail or a phone call whichever you choose.

The order form is on the next page:  In case we can;t figure out how to have it automaticvally sent back to us, you may also Copy and Paste it when complete it and sent it to Cheryl in the text of an e-mail to cshenkle@verizon.net

Basil, Lemon Drop

Butterflyweed, Orange CJS 

Cilantro, Organic CJS 
Coleus Mix CJS 
Cumin, Black CJS 
Dianthus, Super Parfait Mix CJS 
Dusty Miller CJS 
Fennel, Anise CJS 
Impatiens, Mix CJS 
Iris, Wild Blue PJH 
Kohlrabi, Early White Vienna CJS 
Kohlrabi, Super Schmeltz CJS 
Lavendar, Lady CJS 
Leeks, Broad London CJS 
Lovage CJS 
Love Lies Bleeding – Very tall annual flower CJS 
Marigold, Bana Flame CJS 
Marigold, Yellow Inca CJS 
Mountain Mint, Pollinator, Very sweet taste CJS 
Okra, Clemson Spineless CJS 
Onion, Bunching, Blushing CJS 
Onion, Bunching,Evergreen Long White CJS 
Onion, Granex CJS 
Onion, Red Grano CJS 
Onion,Red Burgundy CJS 
Parlesy, Dwarf Extra Curled CJS 
Parsley, Double Curled CJS 
Parsley, Flat Leaf CJS 
Pepper, California Wonder CJS 
Pepper, Corno di Toro, Long Sweet, Large CJS 
Pepper, Cubanelle, for frying, sweet CJS 
Pepper, Grand Bell Mix, sweet CJS 
Pepper, Long Sweet Banana CJS 
Peppermint CJS 
Rosemary, from seed or cutting CJS 
Sage, Organic CJS 
Snapdragon, Snapshot Mix CJS 
Tomato, Amish Paste, Organic CJS 
Tomato, Big Daddy Hybrid CJS 
Tomato, Black Cherry, Organic Heirloom CJS 
Tomato, Brandywine Sudduth Strain CJS 
Tomato, Cherokee Purple, Organic CJS 
Tomato, Doty Oxhart, Heirloom CJS 
Tomato, Farmstead, Hybrid CJS 
Tomato, Juliet, Saladette, F1 Hybrid CJS 
Tomato, Large Red Cherry CJS 
Tomato, Red Currant CJS 
Tomato, Roma CJS 
Tomato, Super Beefsteak, IND CJS 
Tomato, Super Sweet 100 Hybrid CJS 
Tomato, Yellow Pear CJS 
Iris, Wild Blue PJH

2020 BUDS Gardeners Plant Sale Order Form