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2020 COVID Plant Bazaar

Because the BUDS Gardeners do not know whether we will be permitted to do a group plant sale at Charlie's Alternators this year, and because the Master Gardeners are NOT permitted to have a plant sale, we have combined the plants from both groups to disperse to the public safely.

It will be a different process but a safe one which will mean much more work for the delivery people.  Volunteers from the BUDS Gardeners will deliver orders to a set open spot at a specific time for it to be picked up and the donation dropped off in a box.  Masks and gloves are mandatory.  Orders will be pulled with best specimens first, so order early.

Individual members are currently growing the plants without help from each other and it is exhausting because we do not rely on chemicals or machines to help.  We also do not have unlimited space in which to grow them out completely.  These are as natural as you can get because this is another reason WHY we grow

All plants are grown in our own handmade open-bottom paper pots to reduce the amount of plastic you have to deal with. They are set directly into the soil as is, and will encourage deep and prolific root growth if proper growing condition sare followed. Only organic fertilizers are used.  

The Bazaar is by donations which will be divided between both groups.  The plants are not free, please be generous because we have spent much time and our own money in order to support the projects of both groups.  Without a budget to work from, we cannot carry out our goals when this Social Distancing is lifted in phases.  

The supply is limited and we will do our best to let you know if that plant is gone. All items and plants are first come, first served.  If you are looking for something else, then let us know.  While some plants are very small at this point, any knowledgeable gardener will be able to care for them till it is time to set them out into the garden at the proper time.  Master Gardeners can advise on that.

Any garden crafts are created by BUDS Gardeners and can possibly be ordered if we run out.  We cannot guarantee a delivery date which may be well into summer.

Hanging Baskets are available now for Mother's Day and are in limited supply.

Please buy early to lessen the strain on our resources and to get the plants that you need.

Plant sheets will be e-mailed to anyone who needs them, and they are recommended for successful growing.  Information on new and more efficient gardening techniques is also available from the Master Gardeners.  Individual questions will be answered directly by Certified Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners are here due to the financial support of the federal, state and county governments in your area.  Please call the Garden Hotline directly for questions on plants disease, soil conditions, fertilization, insect infestations, garden pests, building a better garden, how to preserve your crop, water conservation, water drainage problems, tree pruning, and a whole lot more subjects.  If it deals with growing plants, then call them.  They are well trained and have continuing education which may be available to the public, tested, and they report their findings to support the community knowledge base.  

Master Gardeners are all volunteers who have paid for their own lengthy training, attended classes through the winter, studied in depth, and who are now available to help you grow better and more easily.

When the Social Distancing Guidelines are permissable, the Outdoor Education Gardens in Brookville at the fairgrounds will reopen to the public.  We are not permitted to go there even to work individually, so when we start, it will be difficult.  Please help us by donating as generously as possible to the Bazaar.

To reiterate, The BUDS Gardeners will be doing the deliveries, Master Gardeners will be providing all growing information via internet.

Next year, you can get exactly the variety and number of plants that you want by ordering in January so we have time to find the correct seed and get it grown at the proper time.

Questions:  Gardening and growing information:  849-7361 Extension 508 Leave a message

                     Sale Plants: cshenkle@verizon.net    

BUDS Gardeners is a community service group working for the beautification of the downtown DuBois area.  It is a small friendly group about which you can learn on our home page.  The public is ALWAYS welcomed to attend (when meetings continue) and join in on the light dinner, the educational program and may stay for the meeting afterwards if they desire.










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