BUDS Gardeners

Plant Bazaar - Wednesday May 31 through Saturday, June 3 from 10 am to 6 pm.

We do not "sell" the plants that we raise, but we do give them to individuals and ask for a fair donation towards the projects of the BUDS Gardeners. 

All plants are raised by BUDS members who donate them for this fundraiser. All proceeds go back to the community through educational projects and planting beds.  We reserve the right to limit how many plants may be taken by an individual.

The Plant Bazaar has been moved to Charlie's Alternators, 12 N. Franklin Street, DuBois,  just half a block up Park Avenue from the Medicine Shoppe, at the 5 way stop sign near Kurt Johnson Auto Sales and the Cherry Law Office in the old train station.

The plants grown change every year.  If you need something that is not listed as available at the sale, then just contact Cheryl, cshenkle@verizon.net - 371-3322 and we will try to find or grow the plants for you next year. 

Below is the list of leftover plants still waiting for a home.  Please call Cheryl and ask when she will be there to have your list ready to pick up.  If you would like to leave a donation then it will be very appreciated and used for the 2017 BUDS Gardeners projects.

cshenkle@verizon.net   (E-mail a list and I will get them ready for pickup)




Leftover Plants List  (Updated when possible so plants listed may be gone or additional ones may be available.)

Amaranth, Burgundy 7
Balsam, Pink 1
Basil  2
Bitter Melon 8
Brussels Sprouts 47
Butternut Squash 34
Cabbage, Brunswick 10
Cabbage, Chinese, Minuet 16
Cabbage, Farro 2
Cabbage, Megaton 7
Cabbage, Red Savoy 6
Cardoon 4
Celeriac 14
Chicory, Blue 6
Cucumber, Baby Persian 4
Cucumber, Bush 6
Cucumber, Jade 7
Cucumber, Suyo 3
Cucumber, Veredis 3
Gourd, Birdhouse 3
Gourd, Luffa 7
Kohlrabi 2
Leeks 7
Lemon Grass 8
Love Lies Bleeding 6
Lupine, Russell 18
Mexican Sour Gherkins 12
Mexican Sunflower 24
Milkweed, Tropical 79
Millet, edible 12
Mirabilis 10
Pansy 9
Parsley 15
Pentas, Honeycluster 12
Peppermint 8
Poppies, Ornamental 5
Pumpkin, Atlantic Dill 8
Pumpkin, Field 12
Pumpkin, Jarrahdale 4
Pumpkin, Long Neck 5
Pumpkin, Pie 24
Quinoa, Cherry Vanilla 8
Rocky Mt Beardtongue 8
Salsify 12
Savory, Summer 4
Snapdragon, Rembrandt 3
Snapdragon, Tall 6
Squash, Scallop 3
Squash, Spaghetti 12
Squash, Swt Potato 4
Sunflower, Autumn Beauty 6
Sunflower, Bi-color 12
Sunflower, Lemon Queen 6
Sunflower, Mammoth Rus 12
Sweetpea, flowering 33
Tarragon 5
Watermelon, Baby 3
Zinnia, Profusion 6