Growing Zones

The growing zone for the greater DuBois area can range anywhere from 5a to 6a depending on what sort of a microclimate you may have directly around your garden or planting beds.  It can be much different on the other side of the house.  Are you in town, on a windblown hill, do you have a gardening nook with three sides of a heated building around it? 

If you can build a cold frame it can extend your growing season by weeks in the spring and in the fall.  All sorts of influences can make a planting location warmer or colder.   A good average to use when looking for plants in general for the DuBois area would be Zone 5.

For more information on how to grow plants in our climate, we have a well stocked library from which members may borrow books on gardening and nature.

Just contact Cheryl to bring the books you want to the meeting. 

Returns are accomplished in the same the next meeting.

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